Mike Dell’s World #208 – What’s Up With That?

wuwt600This is the What’s up with that addition with Jim Farley.

Jim and I talked about a whole lot of stuff and played a Hot Buttered Rum track.

We reminisced about the old What’s Up With That? Podcast we used to do.

Also, Don’t be a Dumbass! :)

Mike Dell’s World #207 – Banjo’s, Planes, Bongs and other things


I’m back with another Mike Dell’s World Podcast

Some of the subjects I talked about were (but not limited to)
-Banjo Music (Two tunes from Todd Taylor (The Banjo Man)
-Kathy’s new gig
-Airline Pilots gone wild
-Iraq meltdown
-Gay Marriage
-And more!

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Tom Wiles – Trucker Tom’s Podcast
Jim Farley – Musical World Podcast

Mike Dell’s World #206 – RIP Mevio.com

*** WARNING ***  NOT SAFE FOR WORK – NOT FAMILY SAFE  - I earned my Explicit tag Tonight.

Podshow Inc.  -  Mevio.com went offline this week.

I play a BUNCH of music that was from the Podsafe Music Network (and some others) in tribute to the demise of Mevio. As of this post, the podsafe Music Network (now Music Alley) is still online, but who knows for how long?

I played:

  1. Banjo Boy – Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band
  2. Karma – Anthony Hugh
  3. Getting Old – Steve GoodieFUMP
  4. If you want to say F$@k say F$@K – Steve Goodie – FUMP
  5. Boogers – Asylum Street Spankers
  6. Brown Boogers – Steve Goodie – FUMP
  7. Broken Hearted Man – Kevin Reeves
  8. Fly Fly Fly – Adrina Thorpe
  9. Growing Old With You – Paul and Storm
  10. Your Love – Paul and Storm
  11. Stupid as Charged – Carrie Dahlby and Devo Spice
  12. Twitter Tweeten’ – Carrie Dahlby
  13. Taylor’s Freebird – Todd Taylor

Thanks for listening to my indigence in music tonight.  Back to your regularly scheduled Mike Dell’s World next time!


Cabin Fever at the end of March?

cabinToday, I woke up to zero degrees (fahrenheit) here in Traverse City. That’s just nuts for the 26th of March. We are getting up to the 20′s today for a HIGH! Cabin Fever has set in BIG time for me. I find that I’m more grumpy than I normally am. It’s the only thing I can think of that is causing it :)

2 years ago, in March, we started out with a BIG snow storm (over a foot of wet heavy snow) but 2 weeks later is was in the 70′s and sunny. We even had a cookout. This year, our back yard still has over a foot of hard packed snow (compressed from over 3 feet). We haven’t really had a break from winter weather since mid-November.  It snowed 3 inches just yesterday!

It does look like we are in for a bit of a break later this week.  All this talk about Global warming hasn’t hit us in Michigan (at least this year).

My outdoor project list keeps growing and I’m looking forward to getting out there without having to dress up like the Michelin Man!zero


Mike Dell’s World #205 – Another Rambling Road Trip

MDW2013_300sqThis time I’m driving back home after a run to I think Petoskey :)  Don’t remember as this was recorded over a week ago.

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Catch me later!

Anyone Else think that The Weather Channel’s Naming of Winter Storms is Stupid?


Is it just me? Or is the Weather Channel’s naming of winter storms seem ridiculous to you too?

This winter, it seems that TWC has taken on the naming of storms that the Weather Service doesn’t name. Since NBC owns TWC now, NBC also uses the names.   The Weather Service (Part of NOAA) along with other official groups name Hurricanes and Typhoons so why not winter storms?

Hurricanes and other Tropical systems stay in one piece in most cases whereas winter systems do not. A winter storm can start out as 1 front and split into 2, dissipate and come back later in more parts of the country. Around here, in Northern Michigan, a winter storm can pass by and we will get more snow out of the aftermath than the main storm (From Lake Effect).  It just seems silly to me to name these systems.

It makes sense to name the Tropical systems as it makes it easier to find information about them online and in traditional media.  The Weather Channel states the same reasons in their explanation.

My opinion is that it’s more about publicity of the Weather Channel than it is about getting info out to the public.  I refuse to use the names that TWC promotes.  Instead, I will just say “It’s F&%#%ng snowing again”  :)

Some storms deserve names, like the “Blizzard of 78″, but are normally named after the fact.

I hope everyone is surviving the winter this year as it has been a rough one for a lot of the country.  Just don’t fall for the hype from TWC and NBC!