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Bits and Pieces – MDW327

Just a bunch of bits and pieces of updates here and a little soapbox.

I talk about:

Selling the pickup truck
International Podcast Day sessions ( and
Cable cutter update
“Mighty” Size Drinks at Speedway
“24 inch CLASS” TV's

Thanks for listening!

New Van and Other New Toys – MDW326

Just an update.    I talked about a few links:
Traverse City Weather (Alexa News Brief Skill and Daily Podcast)

I got a new Van.   A 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan.
I've been driving UBER XL with the new van the last couple of weekends.



TV Cable Cutter Update – Better Than Rabbit Ears! – MDW325

Just an update about my cable cutting project. I found an amplifier that I got a long time ago when I *thought* we were going to cut the cable. It allows me to power 2 TV's with the same antenna setup. I wired that up tonight and we get everything available over the air up here now. Kind of proud of myself 🙂

Also, as you might have noticed, I've been playing with some ad insertion tech from the company I work for. You may hear some “injected” audio (ads) in this show at least up to 7-19-19 After that, who knows what you might hear in those spots 🙂

I will have Barry Kantz on “Your Podcast” over at blubrry on Monday. Take a listen over at

Happy 4th of July to those in the US and Happy Canada Day (yesterday) as well!

White Squirrels (Repost from 2009 with intro) – MDW324

Walking with the White Squirrels from September 2009.

Hopefully the reprocessed audio is better than it was. Sorry about the last episode's audio being low. Won't happen again 🙂

I Think I May Have To Build an Ark – MDW321

It's been very rainy here in Traverse City lately. Lake Michigan is at a high water level which makes my basement into a bit of a swamp.

It's a cycle and it will go back down I'm sure. Lets hope for a hot and dry summer up here!